So pretty… almost looks like a rainbow over the entire landscape! 

So pretty… almost looks like a rainbow over the entire landscape! 

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I just love this so I thought I’d share. Enjoy :)

LORD, high and holy, meek and lowly, let me learn by paradox that the way down is the way up, that to be low is to be high, that the broken heart is the healed heart, that the contrite spirit is the victorious soul, that to have nothing is to possess everything, that to bear the cross is to wear the crown, that to give is to receive. Let me find thy light in my darkness, thy joy in my sorrow, thy grace in my sin, thy riches in my poverty, thy glory in my valley, thy life in my death.
The Valley of Vision

So simple yet so profound. I like it!

So simple yet so profound. I like it!

Good song :)

August Already??

Gosh, time is flying! Summer is almsost over (atleast in Canada) I even saw a yellow leaf fall off a tree today! Its been a busy summer but im definitely not ready for it to be over yet!

I realize I haven’t written on here in forever so I just thought I would write a little update on my life for anyone who cares. Haha!

So my job at the retirement home ended a couple weeks ago and thankfully I was able to get another job that started a week later. I started that job on tuesday and have been training since then. I am now a receptionist/data entry person at a health clinic… which is completely different from any job I have had before. All my other jobs have been more the “summer job” kind of feel where as this one is kind of like the real deal. I wear office clothes and get a work email and a parking permit and all that jazz… exciting and kind of overwhelming at the same time!

Though I am so blessed to have this job, it is also bittersweet because it means that I am not moving back down to California any time soon… and I already miss my friends so so so SO much! Sad.

Ok, so this turned into more of a mini-update on my work situation rather than of my life in general buuuut I can fill you in on the other stuff another time… plus, work has kind of been the big story of my life lately. Sorry! Thanks for reading though! I love you all… so keep in touch :)

Please Pray.

It’s a sad day when an 11 year old girl asks you how many moms you have.

There is an 11 year old girl who comes to my work with a lady I work with (her foster mom) and helps out every once in a while. Today she asked how many moms I had and I told her that I just had one. She then went on to tell me that she had 2 moms and 3 dads (as a result of multiple marriages and divorces by her parents), none of whom she lives with since she was taken away from her mom by child protective services. It breaks my heart to see such a young girl who has been through so much and is already so familiar with the world. She seems like such a confident and energetic girl but it doesn’t take long before you see how insecure she is… always seeking attention and affirmation. 

She seems to be willing to talk about anything and I can tell she kind of looks up to me so I’ve been praying that I will be a good example to her, that I would know what to say when certain subjects come up, and that I would have the opportunity to share the gospel with her. Please pray the same, it would be MUCH appreciated! Thanks!

::There is beauty both in sunrise and sunset::


I really love this. We shouldn’t be surprised by the seasons of mourning or joy in our lives… they will come and go. Our focus should remain on seeing the purpose in it and praising the Lord through it all. I really hope you take the time to sit down and read this, such a good reminder and so beautifully expressed.

Was it so even in the beginning? Did light and darkness divide the realm of time in the first day? Then little wonder is it if I have also changes in my circumstances from the sunshine of prosperity to the midnight of adversity. It will not always be the blaze of noon even in my soul concerns, I must expect at seasons to mourn the absence of my former joys, and seek my Beloved in the night. Nor am I alone in this, for all the Lord’s beloved ones have had to sing the mingled song of judgment and of mercy, of trial and deliverance, of mourning and of delight. It is one of the arrangements of Divine providence that day and night shall not cease either in the spiritual or natural creation till we reach the land of which it is written, “there is no night there.” What our heavenly Father ordains is wise and good.

What, then, my soul, is it best for thee to do? Learn first to be content with this divine order, and be willing, with Job, to receive evil from the hand of the Lord as well as good. Study next, to make the outgoings of the morning and the evening to rejoice. Praise the Lord for the sun of joy when it rises, and for the gloom of evening as it falls. There is beauty both in sunrise and sunset; sing of it, and glorify the Lord. Like the nightingale, pour forth thy notes at all hours. Believe that the night is as useful as the day. The dews of grace fall heavily in the night of sorrow. The stars of promise shine forth gloriously amid the darkness of grief. Continue thy service under all changes. If in the day thy watchword be labour, at night exchange it for watch. Every hour has its duty, do thou continue in thy calling as the Lord’s servant until he shall suddenly appear in his glory. My soul, thine evening of old age and death is drawing near; dread it not, for it is part of the day; and the Lord has said, “I will cover him all the day long.”

~From Morning and Evening; Daily Readings by Charles Haddon Spurgeon (Morning entry, June 1st)

Fellowship is so sweet…

So I realize I haven’t posted in quite a while I’ve been pretty busy lately and haven’t really had anything significant enough on my mind to share. This post is just kind of a mini recap of my day today and few thoughts.

Today in Sunday School I taught the 3-6 year olds… they are precious. When I asked for prayer requests these were the things they wanted me to pray for: Flowers, Rainbows, Butterflies, Bunnies, Friends, and Cousins. 

In church we went though Psalm 51 and got a reminder of what the elements of true confession are. True confession must have total reliance on God’s grace, full recognition of sin, deep longing for holiness, renewed desire for praise, and a renewed commitment to God’s glory. [But remember: confession does not win you grace, God’s grace can not be earned or merited. All grace that God bestows on you is a result of HIS loving kindness.]

After church we had a church picnic which was so great. I got to play games, meet new people, eat good food, laugh at the little kids {in the nicest way possible… they are hilarious}, sing hymns, catch up with people I hadn’t seen in a while, and even get a bit of a tan. All in all it was a great day and I am so thankful for my church family. They are a true example of the body of Christ and I am grateful for all the encouragement, prayers, care packages, guidance and support they have given me over the years. God is really using Grace Reformed Baptist Church of Edmonton and I’m excited for where that might lead. 

I’ve been slightly obsessed with DIY blogs lately and so it’s inspired me to try a few things! These are a few things I’ve made, the bulletin board was from my dorm room last year but the others I made this summer. I know they aren’t perfect and there are definitely things i would change about each one but I have fun making them and thats what really counts, right? [the bulletin board used to be a plain cork board with a black frame and the earring frame was a Good Will find with a nasty puke green painting in it and dark brown frame]